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Primošten Burnji

A dozen kilometers from the center of Primošten are the villages of Burnji Primošten, which are surrounded by fields which once fed the whole of this region.
The history of these villages says that the first settlements in the region were in villages in which today there are more houses than people. The first place to be settled is only 4 km from primošten, a place that house St. George's Church, built in 1298. Here there are excavations of site sup to 2000 years old.

The populatio of the region still live a simple life, digging the ground with hand implements, exerting all their energy. If you visit the region, ou will understand that there is the most intense and intimate of relations be-tween man and nature. And so in the household of Burnji you can enjoy the fruits of the bond:olives oli, dried figs, sheep's cheese, and a glss of fine Babić. 


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